Feasibility Studies

Developing an idea into a successful Project requires careful planning from the earliest stages. The provision of sports facilities is no exception, with multiple surfaces available to suit the specialist needs of sports at higher levels, and more versatile surfaces for multiuse.

Sports Ground Design can offer advice on maximising the potential of the Client’s available space. The ways in which the available area may be used for one specialised purpose, or laid out to accommodate multiple uses, requires careful selection of appropriate surfaces, fencing, lighting and access, while allowing for the likely requirements of the Local Authority Planning Department.

In addition to the effects of the new facilities on neighbours, particularly when floodlighting is to be installed, modern Planning Applications generally require a number of technical considerations to be taken into account, including flood risk assessments, ecological impacts, the effect on trees, traffic generation and parking. Other studies may be required, depending on the characteristics and location of the site.

All of the above factors need to be integrated into an outline of the project and a cost estimate prepared, to allow the Client to determine whether their project is viable.

Feasibility Studies by the Company can provide an unbiased Report on all aspects of the extent and viability of the Client’s requirements, avoiding costly mistakes, or an installation that does not meet the intended outcome.

Sports Governing Bodies have specific requirements for the facilities required for their particular sports. Most sports surfaces must be tested on completion, to ensure compliance with the Standards specified. Where several sports are to be played on the same surface, correct specifying at an early stage is essential, to ensure each sport is properly catered for.

The Company has experience of a very wide range of outdoor sports and recreation surfaces, and the ancillary facilities to support them, including appropriate fencing, floodlighting, accesses, car parking and equipment. Recommendations are also available on the on-going maintenance to ensure the facilities give many years of service. One of the principal advantages of using Sports Ground Design is the experience the Company has in both natural and synthetic surfaces, both of which may be required within one project. The Company’s Staff have been involved with many of the developments of advanced methods of constructing resilient natural grass surfaces, hybrid systems with natural grass and synthetic reinforcement, and fully synthetic surfaces.

Following the assessment of the Feasibility Study, Sports Ground Design can proceed with the preparation of the more detailed requirements and make applications for Planning Permission, where this is required.

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