Natural and Hybrid Turf

Natural grass sports surfaces have improved immeasurably over the last 50 years, with many of the most prestigious surfaces being reinforced with synthetic materials. Grass surfaces require careful construction, allowing for a healthy soil profile, and effective maintenance, to provide a safe, resilient surface.

Careful consideration needs to be given to levels and gradients, soil amelioration, effective drainage and the correct choice of grass seed or turf. More advance installations may also have irrigation, undersoil heating and synthetic reinforcement.

Reinforced surfaces still retain the essential features and feel of natural grass, but offer significantly improved wear properties, allowing many more hours of use compared with unreinforced grass. The reinforcement may be implanted artificial grass supplementing the natural grass, synthetic grass carpeting in which the natural grass grows, or synthetic fibres mixed with the soil.

Sports Ground Design can guide Clients through the choices of surfaces to suit the application and budget available. Advice is also provided on the establishment of the grass and its on-going maintenance requirements.



Whatever surfaces are selected to meet the Client’s requirements, the installation will always be critically important. Specialist contractors are required to prepare the bases for the facilities, whether they are natural grass, hybrid grass or a synthetic surface. Sports Ground Design is independent of all Suppliers and Contractors in the industry, and can provide assistance in selecting appropriate Companies to carry out contracts. The Company can then check the construction work while it is underway, maintain cost control of the project, and Certify completion.

It is essential to use Contractors who have the specialist knowledge required to ensure the facilities are constructed correctly and allow many years of reliable and safe use.

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