Richard MacGregor

Having started his career in the Ministry of Agriculture as an Advisor on soils, drainage and irrigation, Richard joined a private Consultancy, where he was involved in the early development of modern techniques, to produce high quality sports surfaces. Following a period in contracting, where he was responsible for the World’s first use of synthetic fibres in sports pitches and the installation of Europe’s first 3G synthetic grass pitch, he moved back into Consultancy in 2000.

Richard’s wide experience of both synthetic and natural grass sports, play and amenity installations, provides a sound base for the design and supervision of a wide range of facilities.

His other interests include a motor sports business, MacG Racing, which specialises in the building, development and racing of endurance GT racing cars.

Jim Crabbe

Jim has had a career for over 30 years in the development of sports facilities. He has worked on the construction of championship golf courses and other projects in various parts of the world. In recent years Jim has been a Director of a leading Sports Ground Construction Company, undertaking the building of both natural and synthetic sports pitches for schools, colleges and sports facilities.

He has undertaken the refurbishment, reconstruction and new build of both football and rugby stadia pitches, plus the reconstruction of County cricket fields and batting strips.

Jim has a wide ranging experience of project design, implementation, management and construction techniques for both natural and synthetic grass surfaces.

Sports Ground Design Office Address:
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