Synthetic Surfaces

Synthetic surfaces are available to suit a wide variety of applications, from basic macadam, through polymeric rubber based surfaces, to a huge variety of synthetic grasses. In addition, there are specialised requirements for sports such as some tennis surfaces, BMX tracks, etc. Macadam is used for many courts, particularly when they are to be used for multisports, and for cycle tracks. They may have a painted or coated surface to meet appropriate traction and aesthetic requirements. Polymeric surfaces used on athletics tracks and runups, are also used for multisports courts, where a slightly softer surface than macadam is required. Many sports are now played on synthetic grass, in order to maximise the availability of the facility. Synthetic grass carpets can vary in pile height from less than 8mm to 70mm, and have a variety of infill granules brushed into the surface, or no filling at all, depending on the application.

New surfaces are continuously being developed to improve the performance, safety and longevity of the facilities and improve the performance to meet specific sports’ needs.



Whatever surfaces are selected to meet the Client’s requirements, the installation will always be critically important. Specialist contractors are required to prepare the bases for the facilities, whether they are to be surfaced with macadam, polymerics, a synthetic grass, or other specialist material. Sports Ground Design is independent of all Suppliers and Contractors in the industry, and can provide assistance in selecting appropriate Companies to carry out contracts. The Company can then check the construction work while it is underway, maintain cost control of the project, and Certify completion.

It is essential to use Contractors who have the specialist knowledge required to ensure the facilities are constructed correctly, pass Testing to obtain Certification of compliance with the Standards of the appropriate Sports’ Governing Bodies, and allow many years of reliable, safe, use.

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